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Revolutionising science learning

The learning environment can have a great impact on teaching and student learning, yet the design of science spaces in schools and colleges is often overlooked in the planning phase. Whether for a new science suite or the refurbishment of a single lab, layout and facilities should be all considered carefully at the outset as poor design and layout will impact on pupils, results, teachers and science technicians.


Laboratory design involves the integration of appropriate surfaces, utility services and storage facilities to suit specific teaching requirements and preferences. The new i-lab design, manufactured in the UK, can integrate IT equipment into the bench and workstations so that experiments and findings can be carried out in one place creating a much safer lab environment for students and teachers. Computer cables and utility modules are all integrated within the bench and the PC is securely locked within the bench and easily accessible. We can also incorporate lockable storage within the bench for student bags and teacher equipment. The level of furniture provision will reflect teaching culture and curriculum activity balanced by considerations of space, number of students, budget and existing facilities


Our experienced i-desk design team will carry out a site survey with you and can advise on the best solution for your specific requirements. As part of this free service we also provide 3D CAD layouts for all quotations to aid visualisation of the room before making a final decision.

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The i-lab workbench range is unique

10 year Guarantee

TRESPA TopLabĀ®PLUS work tops with 10 year worktop guarantee


Chemical Resistant & Anti-Bacterial work surfaces


Integrated IT and Cable Management with IT Asset Security

Our design team will help turn your vision into reality!

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