Even the smallest room deserves a great all around lectern. A mobile lectern that is power height adjustable, suitable for screen sizes up to 27 inches, and can be bespoke for any PC. The i-lecterns small footprint makes this a great solution for classrooms or computer labs for universities, education, meeting rooms, conference venues and lecture theatres. The i-lectern is also versatile, with lockable castors, storage compartments and lockable, secure PC’s. The unit can also be branded with a logo to make this a bespoke, tailored solution. The unit comes with 240v Power charging twin USB module: ideal for charge a laptop at the same time as charging a mobile phone and tablet! USB, HDMI and VGA ports connecting to the PC within are located conveniently at the front, to allow easy access connections. The lectern can be bespoke for any technology. We suit it for any PC whether it be Dell, iMac, or Hewlett Packard etc… any tech. Choose your style of top, colour and finish. Whether you go for the executive business look, clean white polished, or classic wooden finish, we have those options and more.

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